Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wow, our family experienced a baby boom and I didn't have to do anything!!

My sister and her husband welcomed little Karsten into the world August 10 (a full month early!), and my brother Rob and his girlfriend Trina, welcomed Kiera into the world August 3th ( I have NO pictures of her). Then I got to meet my brother's baby Elizabeth on Saturday-she's two months old. I am a proud aunt looking at all these beautiful babies I will be priveleged to see grow.

Timing worked out perfect for my brother Sean who was in town from Japan and my aunt and two cousins were going through town, to see little Karsten.
I have had a VERY busy week with family, but it has been fun.

We traveled to my grandma's house (look at her flowers!) over the weekend and got to coo over little Elizabeth-oh those cheeks! I feel blessed to see these little babies healthy and already so loved beyond belief!
Sean and Lizzie
Taylor getting some pointers from Uncle Sean

My grandma's flowers...I didn't inherit her green thumb!

Is he so adorable and perfect or WHAT?
Karsten in NICU

Little Lizzie and her big cheeks!

My two bros!
Sean got Lizzie to smile

What a cute new family of three!

baby present time


Rendi said...

Thanks for posting these cute pics! It has been a baby boom!