Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm not sure what is happening to's like my gentic code this time of year says to store food. My mom, grandma and great grandma (and back further in the family tree) were found this time of year with their elbows deep in corn, tomatoes, pears and peaches and whatever else they could cram in a jar from their garden. While I haven't done much canning yet, I have been cooking like crazy. I did some freezer cooking two weeks ago, partly to give my sister some casseroles and I thought while I was at it I would do some for me. 7 casseroles, extra rice, spaghetti sauce and pizza dough later I was happy with what a couple of hours on Saturday can do. It is SO nice to open the freezer, pull out a casserole and fix a side dish and dinner is done.

So this saturday after reading a fellower bloggers ideas, I did a baking day. 3 loaves of pumpkin bread, 4 dozen cookies, 3 dozen blueberry muffins and some extra pizza dough. I figured I needed some extra baked goods to put in the kids lunches for their treats.

Here's what else I have been stocking away in the freezer or plan to:
Applesauce-we eat tons of it!
blueberries-I love them so I keep buying and freezing, along with strawberries
freezer raspberry jam-3 containers of that
freezer corn-making that tonight-just blanching corn, slicing off the cob and enjoying later
apple butter will be coming
pears might be happening

For many people back in the "old days" they survived on this food, but for me in the dead of winter it so wonderful to open a jar of sun-ripened peaches or enjoy summer fresh blueberries.

BTW: I found a seriously funny website about a family that has home cooking videos. The recipes actually look delicious, but it's the weird interruptions that make it fun to watch.

PS: Since this is a foodie type post, I just made steel cut oats for the first time-DELICOUS! Added some ten-grain cereal, cranberries, a little brown sugar, salt and butter. A great way to start the kids day off with all that fiber and protein! Next on my list is Quinoa, a grain which has all amino acids in it.


Rendi said...

Just reading this makes me hungry- thanks for the sharing of your bountiful yield! We have to plan one of these cooking days in the next few weeks...