Monday, August 31, 2009

Taylor came to the conclusion that the lizard is too much for him. It actually came out after he returned from a three day trip at Great Grandma's. I asked him if he had a good time and the first thing he said was "it was really relaxing not worrying about Rex and feeding her crickets and taking care of her all the time. I had no responsibilities". Because you know, being 9 and having that kind of responsibility is HARD. Oh, so funny.

He put dead crickets in her aquarium the other day and stank up the entire upstairs (after he had been told not to do it previously), and we are on him constantly to make sure she is fed, watered and has a clean tank, and he should be handling her twice a day to get her used to him.

Mike and I discussed we would give him a 2 week period to show us he can take care of her. So we rounded up Taylor and had a talk stating previous conditions to keep lizard. We said it was a big responsibility and if he wasn't ready for Rex it was no problem, we took a chance giving her to him for his birthday. He bursts into tears and says he doesn't want her and it is too much to take care of her but he LOVES her. Oh, it was so sad. So I said that sometimes knowing we can't take care of something and finding someone who can, really shows our love for that So he cried for another 15 minutes and got Rex and held her (like we were shipping her off then). I got out my camera to take pictures of her so I could post her on e-bay and he was so pitiful. Didn't want to keep her, but felt really bad. A lesson hard learned at 9.
Goodbye Rex.

for sale: one female bearded dragon lizard approx. 6 months old...anyone??