Thursday, August 6, 2009

I really love to bake. I remember making my first batch of cookies on my own when I was 8 (I think I was the only one that ate them).
I really wish that my culinary skills could reach other areas of food, like meat. Last night I had to cook a chicken breast three ways before I finally got it done. I really don't like to cook-but i have to since I do have a family and they like to eat food other than cakes, breads and pies-crazy people.
I have a couple things on my dinner menu that I can do (Italian foods and easy casseroles mostly), but when it comes to steak, roasts, ahh. It's not good. It took me 9 years to finally get pot roast down-Mike deserves an award for endless numbers of stringy, dry beef roast. But cuts of meat other than chicken and hamburger, forget it!

My favorite book of the moment from the library is this one (HINT to Mike if he's reading this-EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA for Kristi):
Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking

I'm lovingly turning the pages and planning my next recipe to try, which according to the book should include a Genoise-because every baker must have this in their repitoire (it's just a french cake).

Any suggestions on basics of cooking meat? Like a "Meat for Dummies", or "Beginners Guide to not burning the steak"?
For those out there that like to bake and cook, check out these blogs:
Simply Recipes

Happy cooking!


Four Little Chihuahuas said...

I am the same way. Derek has never had a home cooked steak dinner in the five years that we've been married, other than the times that we've gone to one of our parents houses. I hope you are able to master meat cooking. Good luck!

Kristi Case said...

Krystal- that is so funny-after I was pregnant with my first, I COULD NOT eat (prepare, look at, etc) meat, so Mike had to rely on nice friends and family to cook him a steak-so I eat meat now, but can really ruin a steak. I guess we all have our strengths (and weaknesses)! He just has to eat them at restaurants now. We can only be fabulous at so many things. I'll let you know when I find the "secret to steak".