Monday, August 31, 2009

The kids were SO excited, especially Hannah, to start first grade. Okay, take that back, Hannah was excited and Taylor was a little anxious. He has always been like that. Anything new he has to watch and think about for awhile (he's done that ever since he was a baby). He DID still let me hold his hand on our walk to school and into class-I felt very special. And he DID let me take his photo in class. I think as a 5th grader I am going to lose out on both those things, so I'll enjoy them now.that smile seems to say "okay just take the picture"

Hannah discovered hot lunch and thinks it is fabulous but the reality is I won't pay $4 for my kids to eat lunch at school everyday-ripoff!! Especially when it is mostly junk. So we are finding creative & healthy things for cold lunch. I prepared a menu for them to pick their lunch items-they like that. We started off the first day with lunchables and capri suns-a treat for them since I NEVER buy that stuff. They have also had pop rocks and oreos. Back to reality and healthy eating! I am looking for some little containers to hold salad dressing and stuff for them to dip-kids love to do that. Any other good ideas??

I have not gotten a lot done since they have been back to school, but told myself I deserve a little break! I have managed to get to the gym and workout and do some house cleaning and finish some work.